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Christmas Tree in Bacau, Romania

Time wasting must be the biggest thing holding you back from improving your life dramatically. Excuse me… Time wasting must be the biggest thing holding me back from improving my life dramatically. I know it, I am aware of it, and I seldom do anything regarding it.

Here’s an example: in 2013 I quit adding content on my blog (over at blogger.com back then). It’s been four years since I’ve written something, made a photograph or did anything close to photography. 4 years! That’s a lot of time wasting.

Example number two: I’ve started this blog on the 1st of December 2016 and it has been almost two weeks since I’ve posted anything. And no, i’m not a business mogul and/or have 3 kids waiting at home.

I have several “keepers” photographs in my camera roll in Lightroom that are just sitting there, waiting to get polished. I have ideas about what and how to photograph certain things and places. I have a short film idea I’ve been dying to jump start. And I also have that new PS 4 game I have to finish.

Audit yourself. Take a step back and take a look at how you’re spending your 10-12 hour day. I guarantee that 25% of it is spent doing dumb sh*t. Gary Vaynerchuk

Yes, dumb sh*t. Just consider how many times you’ve procrastinated and, instead of doing real work, you’ve spend time online on useless browsing. Social media, Youtube, TV shows, blogs like this. And it’s not that anyone really cares about what you do with your life. But usually, anyone has that one thing that complains about in their life, that one thing that might be better, faster, more of. No money? Too fat? You’re not happy with your photography (aimed at me, obviously)? Then stop wasting time and do something!

The thing that prompted me to write this post is the Holidays, of course. Why the Holidays, you ask? Well, because everyone wastes a lot of time during the Christmas holidays. Everyone has time off. You go see your family, you cook traditional dishes, you drink (a lot) and you make awkward conversations with long lost relatives.

Don’t get me wrong, time spend with family is time well spend (most of it, anyway). I’m not THAT anti-social. But we tend to go overboard. I tend to do that. I get into vacay mode. Everything is rescheduled for “after”. Dinners take longer, conversations drag, drinks pop open like it’s… well, the holidays. But you get my point.

And what’s really ironic is that this could be an excellent time for self improving because now you really “have” time.. Time for picking up the slack once you’ve got your boss off your back and you can finally work for yourself. Now you can finally start that Illustrator tutorial on lynda.com. Or set up you shop on Etsy and sell your embroidery, like you’ve always dreamed of. Or publish your first blog post. Seth Godin puts it clearly:

The week between Christmas and New Years is notoriously quiet. Your phone buzzes less often, there are no client meetings, no deadlines. If you work for yourself, this might be the perfect week to take my freelancer course. Seth Godin

Or forget his course and set up your freelancer profile on Upwork and start working for yourself. Whatever creams your biscuit.

I had a lot of time off for holidays. I didn’t do sh*t. I could’ve go out and shoot more pictures. I could’ve start working on that little coffee book I have been planning for some time. I should’ve worked out more, start a spinning class and pick up swimming like I planned last summer. No sir. We tend to gather a lot of “could’ve’s” along the years. We start with a good intention and stumble along the way. Take a short break here and there, have a glass of wine (more than one, admit it), watch a show, sleep an hour more. And then it’s Christmas again.

Time is and asset and we I should start treating it like one.

Happy late Holidays!

Christmas Tree in Bacau, Romania
Christmas Tree in Bacau, Romania



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