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10 Photographers I Follow on Instagram

s I’ve said before, I am trying to keep myself busy by reading and learning a lot from top authors/creatives in the industry, being that photography or other related field. I am spending a lot of time on Instagram, showcasing my latest work, as well as old, recycled and reprocessed photographs from the archives. The […]

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5 reasons why I’ll never be a good photographer

es, you’ve read that right. Self-deprecation is my game. However, I’m writing this blog post for YOU. Yes, for you, the aspiring photographer, so you wouldn’t make the same mistakes as I am. #1 I’m lazy I don’t get up to catch the morning light. I neither go out at sunset. I use my tripod […]

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My Hometown Looks Incredible Eerie During Winter Nights

So here’s the deal. I’ve been struggling to get back into photography for a while now The reason I left? I’ve been struggling to get better at it. I knew I really loved making pictures, I knew what my pictures should look like, but I just couldn’t make them. I just couldn’t find the right dial to […]

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10 Photography and Productivity Sites I Read

I’ve been away for a while, mostly out working, doing side projects and learning new tricks. But my fingertips were itching for a new blog post, so I’ll give you a short one, bullet-point list style, as this kind of posts were raving all through 2016. Keeping myself busy has been my mantra recently. I have […]

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On time wasting

Time wasting must be the biggest thing holding you back from improving your life dramatically. Excuse me… Time wasting must be the biggest thing holding me back from improving my life dramatically. I know it, I am aware of it, and I seldom do anything regarding it. Here’s an example: in 2013 I quit adding content […]

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A word about pollution

I run. I’m biologist, a photographer, an environmentalist, and sometimes a runner. I don’t like putting tags on people, but that’s who I am. Sometimes I’m just one of those things, sometimes I’m all of them combined. When the latter happens, you can most certainly find me wandering the “wild areas” surrounding my town. Usually, […]

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