10 Photographers I Follow on Instagram

s I’ve said before, I am trying to keep myself busy by reading and learning a lot from top authors/creatives […]

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5 reasons why I’ll never be a good photographer

es, you’ve read that right. Self-deprecation is my game. However, I’m writing this blog post for YOU. Yes, for you, […]

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My Hometown Looks Incredible Eerie During Winter Nights

So here’s the deal. I’ve been struggling to get back into photography for a while now The reason I left? I’ve been […]

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10 Photography and Productivity Sites I Read

I’ve been away for a while, mostly out working, doing side projects and learning new tricks. But my fingertips were itching […]

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On time wasting

Time wasting must be the biggest thing holding you back from improving your life dramatically. Excuse me… Time wasting must […]

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A word about pollution

I run. I’m biologist, a photographer, an environmentalist, and sometimes a runner. I don’t like putting tags on people, but […]

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