Welcome to my personal blog, the place for ramblings about the fine art of photography, life in general, and other shenanigans.

This site is aimed at any beginner interested in photography or the digital arts, willing to get better at shooting photos or read about trying to make it as a photographer.

picture of Bogdan, creator of Bogdabo.com

You’ll read many posts about how I try to improve my phtography, how I learn to edit and create better images, share them online and connect with other photographers. There’ll be rants, a lot of complaining, divagation and general nonsense.

But you’ll also find pertinent reviews of hardware related to photography, links to online courses and general tips on how to improve your photography and life. 

I don’t choose a specific format for my blog posts, as I usually write when I’m feeling creative. I’m currently scheduling posts, more so to force me to be consistent, but also for you to know when to come back for fresh content.

I am a passionate photographer with about 6 years worth of shooting, editing and selling photos, both online and offline.

I normally use a digital SLR camera, but I can work well with most mediums. The little iPhone camera is nice and handy.

You can find my portfolio on Instagram and 500px.

After around 6 years of practicing photography, on and off, I decided it’s time to give it a real shot and make a conscious effort in improving my skills. There have been some roadblocks along the way, as creativity is a muscle that needs constant flexing and sometimes I’m just lazy. But I try. And you can help too!

Here’s what I need you to do:

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